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Madacao is the first Quebec company dedicated to producing and retailing “Pure Madagascar” chocolate. Jewels of the large island’s soil, Madagascan cocoa and chocolate are among the best in the world. Our mission is to promote and share this gift of nature by producing exceptional products in order to become the standard in consumers’ eyes.

Dark Collection


For a unique sensory experience, we invite you to discover our 65% dark collection, prepared exclusively with Madirofolo Organic, a large harvest from the cocoa beans of the Ambanja region in the northwestern part of the island.


Madirofolo provides a specific harvest every year with chocolate that has a unique flavour profile. It has a pleasing aroma, a refined texture and harmonious flavours. Grown in an environment rich in tamarind trees, it is enjoyed for its tangy taste and its refreshing hint of licorice.

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